Crafting Strategic Alliances for Unprecedented Growth

Our Criteria for Investment

Our investment journey is shaped by a forward-thinking philosophy that seeks potent alliances with product-driven tech companies poised for exceptional expansion. Our expertise lies in securing majority positions, infusing strategic planning, targeted capital investment, and operational refinement to ignite achievements.

Excellence in Financial Metrics

Our gaze is fixed on enterprises with EBITDA ranging from $2 million to $30 million, complemented by EBITDA margins exceeding 15%. We embrace a broader vista for add-on acquisitions, influenced by the inherent acquisitive nature of our existing portfolio.

Navigating Promising Operations

Our compass leads us to market dominators in segments exceeding $500 million in scale. Priority is given to diversified customer bases, underpinning resilience and insulating against concentration risks. Our foundation rests on sustainable growth potential, ensuring the companies we join forces with thrive within the dynamic business ecosystem.

Focused Market Exploration

Our pursuit of new horizons is centered on specialty manufacturers in harmony with our strategic vision. Industries resonating with innovation, transformation, and societal advancement are our prime targets:

  • Managed Service Providers
  • Cybersecurity Providers
  • Telecommunications
  • Automation
  • Electronic Design
  • IOT

Unite in Progress

As you embark on the journey of partnership with Amazing Systems Innovations LLC, we extend an invitation to connect with Michael Swan, our VP of Corporate Development & Strategy. Michael serves as your conduit to all deal-related prospects, inquiries, and insights. Our gates are open to kindred spirits, those who envision a future etched with innovation, excellence, and enduring triumph.

Phone: (844) 492 2235

A Wealth of Resources Awaits in Our Realm

Join us in this remarkable journey, where your potential finds wings, your business becomes a legacy, and innovation reigns supreme. Discover the unmatched synergy that awaits as part of our collective force at Amazing Systems Innovations LLC.

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